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Display Past Chapters. Email if chapter added [Beta]. Community Raiting:. Your Raiting: You must login to rate the chapter. Katherine Pryde awoke to the sound of a silver tray being placed carefully on the table beside the enormous bed, and the distinctive shutter sound of a cellphone taking a photo. For a moment longer she enjoyed the feel of the expensive silk sheets against her skin. These sounds and sensations were becoming a gloriously familiar way to begin her day.

She paid close attention to every inch of his cock. Her tongue drifted every now and then, becoming half-intangible which allowed her to stimulate the nerve endings like no other woman could. She looked up with a sultry smile, looking rather hot in those glasses. Peter looked down just in time to see the lovely vision of Kitty's warm lips wrapping around his pulsing shaft. He held onto the back of her head. Peter leaned in closer, with the brunette vixen sucking on him.

She playfully rubbed what little bit couldn't go in her throat. Then Kitty moved down to caress Peter's throbbing hard balls. The warmth of her mouth wrapping around his hardening prick made it very hard to hold back from the pleasure. Peter held onto her head and rocked back into her mouth. Her brown eyes on the other side of those glasses made Peter become very close to becoming undone. Kitty's fingers brushed against Peter's hard balls and she wanted the cum stored inside of them.

She showed her neck strength by deep throating Peter extremely hard. Peter didn't hold up in fucking Kitty's tight little mouth, and Kitty didn't respond other than twirling her tongue around Peter's hardening tool.

She brought more of Peter inside of her mouth, leaning back all the way to take him. I'll die without. His balls sized up and released their load into her.

Kitty dug her hands into Peter's balls and stroked them in a feverish manner. Peter held onto Kitty and plunged his thick length into the back of her throat.

He just held on, further burying more of his thick load inside her throat. Kitty kept sucking Peter's delicious seed down like there was no tomorrow. She held onto his thighs, working her tongue down his length when going down on him. She pulled away from Peter and showed cum on her tongue. Kitty swallowed it front of Peter and gave him a wicked little smile.

She slipped out of the lab coat, letting it drop down to the ground. Peter looked at his girlfriend's body. She had a pair of nice perky breasts with erect nipples. Her smooth skin made Peter long to touch it and so he did, running his hands down to her trim stomach. Her pussy lips were very smooth and dripping for Peter. He grabbed onto her firm ass, before running down towards her shapely legs and elegant feet. It was only a rare bit of good luck on Peter's part was the encounter occurred when Aunt May was out working.

Otherwise, it would have been extremely awkward to try and explain what happened, and raise way too many questions.

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Peter guided Kitty over towards the bed. The beautiful brunette closed her eyes and just felt Peter's fingers dance all over her body. He drummed up against her rib cage, brushing down. Kitty smiled and could only have a second to register what Peter said when he started to kiss the side of her neck. His hand ran down her front, slowly edging towards her. Her pussy lips pulsed when Peter worked his way down her.

Kitty pryde ass

Those skilled fingers were made for pleasing, and now they pleased her. Peter smiled, it wasn't his sticky fingers which held him into place in Kitty's pussy. She clenched him hard, almost afraid what might happened if Peter pulled out. Peter slid his digit down into her very moist canal, burying himself finger first down into he.

Peter kissed all the way down Kitty, exploring every glorious inch of flesh. Her nipple stood erect and needed attention. What kind of boyfriend would Peter be if he didn't give her the proper attention. Kitty's body buzzed.

She had gotten a lot better at control, so the smallest orgasm didn't cause her to be driven through the bed. Peter's fingers dug into her to caress her insides. She squeezed him, releasing an orgasm. Kitty softly moaned at the pleasure. He knew her navel was a sensitive spot! Peter knew it and tormented her. He was secretly an evil mastermind. Peter found his next tour between Kitty's warm thighs. He went down on the beautiful mutant, hopefully this time, they wouldn't literally go down.

Kitty squeezed and released Peter. The build-up increased through her body. She was cumming and cumming hard. Peter rubbed her thighs in time with going down. His tongue pushed deeper inside of her before pulling away and then licking her belly button one more time. Peter drank in the trickle of sweat going down her before going back down between Kitty.

He drank in her sweet nectar. The honey coming down her thighs encouraged Peter to dive down for more. Peter smiled when pulling up from Kitty. He planted one more kiss on her nether lips and slowly nibbled it.

Kitty gd the second Peter pulled himself up. He climbed up towards Kitty to straddle her body. Kitty could feel Peter's long cock tickle her body. It always stuffed her so full and made her feel so good. Peter leaned in closer towards Kitty's hot, smoldering snatch, brushing his length against her wet lips. It coaxed him inside.

All Scenes Shadowcat

Her soft, but at the same time deceptively strong thighs, toned because of her Danger Room sessions, brushed up against Peter's ribs. She pushed him closer to her insides. His cock touched Kitty's warm lips and slid closer in to her. Her central core pushed him in.

Kitty rose her hips up off of the bed, but Peter stopped her. Peter smiled and each brush at her entrance got Kitty slightly more excited with what would happen for him.

Hell, it got him excited. He eased more of his throbbing length in and Kitty managed not to drop through the bed this time. She held onto Peter to encourage his thrusts to bury slowly into her body. His hard balls slapped against Kitty's warm thighs. He rose almost all the way up and slapped down into her moist, gripping pussy.

Peter smiled when feeling Kitty grip him tightly with her warm pussy. He hung onto the legs of the brunette beneath him and rose up before pushing his manhood deeper into her. The two of them met each other, stroke by stroke with Peter gaining a significant amount of momentum.

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Kitty almost lost it with Peter nibble on the side of her neck. She held him close to her, her warm pussy grinding against his intruding cock. The two of them met each other, going hip to hip with each other. Kitty let out a pleasurable scream when Peter rose up and dropped down onto her.

Those throbbing hard balls struck Kitty in her wet core. She grabbed onto the back of Peter and he worked into even harder. Their warm bodies connected together with a passionate display.

Peter held onto her hips and kept working his way inside of her tight body. He could feel her orgasm rise up and squeeze him. Peter worked into her, feeling up her body. How soft it felt underneath his hand. Her perky breasts reacted to his touch. Every time Peter squeezed her nipples, Kitty looked to be coming close to losing it. Peter rose almost all the way up and rocked his hard cock down into her moist center. Kitty arched onto the bed and scissored her legs around Peter.

Peter responded by massaging them which sent Kitty into a fit of passion. Her latest orgasm hit her hard. Peter rose up and dropped into her. Every time those throbbing balls struck her, Kitty wrapped her tight walls around him.

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She milked Peter's incoming thrusts. Her body shook underneath Peter from the latest orgasm. Peter kicked up the pace and dropped his hard cock inside of Kitty's gripping body. She took him inside of her. Her legs wrapped tighter around Peter, the deeper he pushed himself into her body. Peter could tell she received a hell of an orgasm.

He down and kissed her. Kitty returned the kiss, working her tongue around Peter's gums and them sticking it down his throat. She tried to fuck his tonsils with her tongue just like Peter rammed into her. Peter motioned for Kitty to roll over onto the bed. The tantalizing beauty settled herself hands and knees down on the bed.

She put them down on the bed, smiling when setting herself up. Her wet cunt opened for Peter's consumption. All he could do was push his hard cock into her.

Rule 34 - If it exists, there is porn of it. Release(Kitty Pryde) Instead, he pulled back and cupped Kitty's ass, squeezing it. "Damn!" Kitty breathed. She could feel a finger slip inside of her tight rectum. Peter pumped her in time with slamming himself into Kitty. His throbbing cock buried deeper inside of her and with it, his finger slipped all around the sensitive surface of her. Oct 01,   Tag Archives: Kitty Pryde Tiffany gently pulled Kitty's ass cheeks apart and started licking the top of the crack, which was the end closest to her. She slowly moved along the channel, licking all the way down it. She spent a little time at the asshole, causing Kitty to writhe a little, though the older girl couldn't move much with.

He did, slipping his massive rod inside Kitty's clenching womanhood. Peter grabbed Kitty's hips and started to work back and forth against her. Kitty held onto the bed, closing her eyes. The more Peter worked into her, the better she felt. It was so amazing to be hit so hard with such a great feeling.

Kitty realized her hands started to slid underneath the bed. Flushing, Kitty pulled back out, just in time for Peter to test her resolve by slamming back into her with a huge thrust.

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His long cock shoved deep inside of her. Peter rode Kitty's wet pussy a little bit longer, before stopping. He ran his hands down Kitty's back and made her shiver. He acted like he was going to reach for her breasts, but he decided not to. Instead, he pulled back and cupped Kitty's ass, squeezing it. She could feel a finger slip inside of her tight rectum. Peter pumped her in time with slamming himself into Kitty. His throbbing cock buried deeper inside of her and with it, his finger slipped all around the sensitive surface of her rosebud.

Peter pushed into her and pulled out of her with a fluid series of motions. Peter just worked her over with a faster sped. He could tell the end would come sooner or later, just hopefully Kitty would be in one piece when it did. The brunette's hair came undone and Peter slowly stroked it before pulling on it. He pushed up and through into Kitty's quivering cunt.

He rocked himself inside of her with a series of fluid thrusts, each of them burying more of his hard rod inside of her body. Kitty wasn't going to argue. Her body betrayed her and almost sank through the bed. She had been drilled through the mattress, quite literally. She stopped herself with Peter still driving his cock through her. He rapidly picked up the pace. Kitty didn't even bother to try and get out, because likely an attempt to extract herself from the mattress while in the state of an orgasm would not be a good idea.

Peter could reach her, and to Kitty, that was all that mattered to her. His hard manhood shoved into her. Kitty had been excited by the possibility, and at the same time, very scared. Some people broke the bed, she just merely slipped through the sheets and had been half trapped in the mattress. Thankfully, Peter didn't have a spring mattress, otherwise it would have been more uncomfortable.

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Peter enjoyed the warm gripping of Kitty around him. He pushed back and forth against her, ramming himself into her warm, gripping depths. Kitty squeezed Peter hard.

Kitty Pryde is a playable character in the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance. [citation needed] Kitty Pryde is a playable character in the X-Men: Days of Future Past app game. [citation needed] Kitty Pryde is a playable character in the online MMO Marvel Heroes, with Danielle Judovits reprising her role. Redhead emo girl Kitty Pryde leaked nude photos. Kathryn-Leigh Beckwith, better known by her stage name Kitty Pryde, Kitty Ray or just ?kitty? is a cute ginger hip-hop recording artist, rapper and sometimes actress, from Daytona Beach, Florida. Kitty Ray turned from a clerk into a . Bang Taylor Sands As Kitty Pryde In POV. k 5min - p. Mike Adriano anal threesomes with Lyla Storm, Summer Daniels, Diamond Kitty, Juelz Ventura MILFGonzo Busty brunette Diamond Kitty taking it up the ass. M 12min - p. Hot old blonde Kitty Foxx and young dude have hardcore fuck on the couch. k min.

Kitty thought she was going to die of so much pleasure. Peter worked her tight body out. Many adventures soon followed. Later, Kitty was almost kidnapped by deformed mutant Caliban. Caliban, who only sought friendship, returned to his underground home. This act made Magneto finally come to realize that he was becoming no better than the Nazis who had murdered his family. Emma Frost telepathically influenced Kitty's parents into transferring her to her Massachusetts Academy.

Frost switched bodies with Storm. While there, Kitty was harassed by an alternate version of Nightcrawler, and they rescued her.

A oneshot detailing how Kitty Pryde met Peter Parker and became his girlfriend/sidekick! Takes place post Avengers, Amazing Spiderman & X Men Last Stand. Sequel Coming Soon! Katherine Pryde was the daughter of Carmen and Theresa Pryde, and was born in Deerfield, Illinois. According to the hologram of Operation Zero Tolerance's Shadowcat sub-file , Katherine Pryde, as a baby, was abducted by a Neo and replaced by another baby who would grow as Kitty Pryde, aka Shadowcat, of the X-Men. It was decided by the X-Men, who had been subjected to many similar. 'kitty pryde' Search, free sex videos.

While returning to their dimension, Belasco grabbed Illyana and Kitty held her arm. Kitty lost her grip for a few seconds and reached back into the portal until she felt an arm and pulled out Illyana.

Due to her captivity in Limbo, where she spent years while only mere moments elapsed on EarthIllyana returned to them as a thirteen year old. Kitty and Illyana became very close and seemed to share a link, with Illyana even joining Kitty in Stevie's dance studio and becoming roommates. When the alien Brood implanted embryos in all of the X-Men, Kitty met the small, alien, dragon-like creature Lockheed.

While the X-Men were in space, Xavier formed a new team of mutants, the New Mutantsmost of whose members were closer to Kitty in age than the other X-Men were. This time, he would only train them in the use of their special powers, and not send them out into combat.

Lockheed became Kitty's constant companion. Piotr and Kitty became close, though at the time, both were too shy to fully admit their feelings for each other. However, after surviving the threat by the alien Brood, Kitty and Peter grew closer and started to date.

Kathryn-Leigh "Kitty Ray" Beckwith Naked Leaked Fappening (21 Photos)

One problem in their relationship was that Kitty was a devout Jew and Colossus was raised as an atheist. Kitty began to grow angry at her parents' divorce.

Dracula was defeated and Lilith released Kitty, thanking the X-Men for their assistance. The X-Men encountered the underground community of mutants known as the Morlockswho had kidnapped one of their former members, Angel. Kitty promised Caliban of the Morlocks her hand in marriage, while deathly sick from Plaguein exchange for aid in saving Piotr and the X-Men's life.

Sprite however did not keep her promise and returned to the X-Men. While battling the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Colossus was frozen in liquid nitrogen. While attempting to save Colossus, Kitty was kidnapped by Callistowho intended for her to keep her word and marry Caliban.

Caliban released her from her vow, hoping she would one day return to him of her free will, and Colossus was saved by the combined efforts of Rogue and the Morlock, Healer. Kitty began spending time with her friend, Doug Ramseyanother computer genius, and together they hacked Project Wideawake files. Soon after this, even though Kitty had acted out of love to save him, Piotr started to question the time she was spending with Doug, which even led to Kitty missing scheduled Danger Room sessions.

Doug later asked Kitty to accompany him to the Massachusetts Academy, where he had received a scholarship. Believing Emma to be in a coma, Kitty went and they were both captured by the White Queen. After the New Mutants rescued them, and because of his relationship with ZsajiColossus broke up with Kitty.

Kitty grew close to the X-Man Wolverinewho became a mentor to her. Kitty found that her father was dealing with Japanese gangsters. She followed him to Japan and Kitty was captured and put under the mental control of Ogunthe ninja master who had once been Wolverine's teacher but had since become his enemy.

Ogun mentally had Kitty believe that she was his daughter and had been training in the art of ninjutsu since birth. Ogun also cut her hair shorter. Being the only X-Man to receive her call for help, Wolverine soon followed. Kitty was sent to kill Wolverine and injured him greatly, but with help from Yukioshe was restored.

Wolverine undertook a crash program to teach Kitty's body, just as Ogun had taught her mind, to become skillful enough in the Japanese martial arts to contend against Ogun. Constantly telling her that she can either train or leave, Kitty eventually realized that Wolverine was giving her a choice that Ogun denied her and she slowly began to grow out of her childish, spoiled ways. At the end of her training, Kitty assumed the new and permanent code name Shadowcat.

Kitty went to face Ogun herself. After being defeated by Ogun, he offered her to join him or die. At that time, Wolverine came to her rescue. Sadly, Wolverine was also overwhelmed and the two of them sat helplessly at Ogun's mercy. In a turn of events, Kitty informed Wolverine that she was scared until he arrived.

When he apologized, she stated that she did not want an apology, but life.

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At that moment, Wolverine turned the battle and defeated Ogun. Kitty regained her innocence that Ogun had taken.

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Kitty went on to rescue the Power Pack from the Morlocks and battled the Beyonderwho briefly transferred Illyana's powers to Kitty. Kitty and Piotr agreed to be friends after surviving together in Murderworld.

The school is open, and Kitty Pryde and her X-Men try to navigate a strange world where the mutants are forgotten. But when figures from the past bring their secrets to the mansion, will the same dark forces that tore the original X-Men apart end the new school before it begins? A new student in the so called "X-Babies" as Kitty Pryde nicknames them, has a new reason to know he is going to love it at his new school: Content Tags: Spank: American Woman-: By: MarvelMaster Published: June 13, ated. Watch Kitty Pryde Xmen porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Kitty Pryde Xmen scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own.

Kitty then battled the Gladiators to rescue Sunspot and Magma from their old teammate, Karma. While fighting the Gladiators, the Beyonder brought-out Illyana's dark half, the Darkchylde. She teleported her friends to Limbo and attacked them, until Kitty used Illyana's Soulsword on her and returned her to her natural form.

After Kitty and Piotr returned from Murderworld, Kitty and Doug created a program that would alter the Murderworld computers. Kitty visited the National Holocaust Memorial with Magneto, new member of the X-Men per Professor Xavier's request, and Kitty was amazed to learn that Magneto knew her great-aunt and that he was a hero in the death camp of Auschwitz before they were attacked by the Freedom Force.

At this time, the Beyonder brought a young mutant named Boom-Boom to the mansion and the X-Men and New Mutants instinctively attacked them. While there they battled Fenrisand later, the Beyonder again.

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Following the conflict, Phoenix decided to simply destroy the entire universe and have it all start over without the Beyonder. Phoenix stole the life force of the X-Men and Starjammersbut Storm's soul convinced her otherwise. After hearing the thoughts of every living being in existence, Phoenix returned the X-Men and Starjammers to life.

No one knew of the New Mutants existence until he brought them back. The X-Men then returned to New York. While the X-Men searched for a severely wounded Phoenix after Wolverine had stabbed her in the chest, they were attacked by Nimrod and formed an alliance with the Hellfire Club.

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Kitty re-calibrated Cerebro, for non telepaths to use, to search for Nightcrawler and Phoenix. Kitty, Piotr, and Magik rescued a weakened Nightcrawler from a gang. After being turned to X-Babies by Mojothe X-Men battled the New Mutants until they were broken of their brainwashing and defeated the spineless one. The X-Men attempted to rescue the Morlocks during the indiscriminate massacre by the Marauders.

The Marauder called Harpoon seriously injured the phased Shadowcat with his energy spear, as she leaped between him and Rogue. Although she survived the attack, it adversely affected Kitty's powers so that she could no longer regain her solidity and gradually began to dissipate. Kitty was sent to recover on Muir Island. Kitty's condition began to worsen and she was in danger of completely dissipating.

Unwilling to watch her die, Magneto went to Reed Richards Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four to use a device that Mr. Fantastic had built. Unsure of the outcome, Mr. At that time, Dr. Doom presented his assistance and, under duress, Storm accepted. While having Psylocke mentally keep Kitty's mind together, Mr. Fantastic reconsidered and traveled to Latveriawhere the X-Men initially battled the Fantastic Four again.

At the urging of Franklin RichardsKitty was cured by the combined efforts of Dr. Doom and Mr Fantastic and through intense concentration, Kitty was able to remain solid. Kitty was later visited by Illyana, who was hysterically blaming Forge for her brother and the X-Men's death and asking Kitty to aid her in killing him. Illyana left furious after Kitty declined to help her. After having the same continuous dream, Kitty and Nightcrawler summarized that Rachel might have been trying to telepathically reach them.

After being attacked by Gatecrasher and the Technetwho were hired by Saturnyne to eliminate Phoenix, Kitty and Meggan Puceanu were captured. After arriving in London and being reunited with Rachel, the combined efforts of Kitty, Nightcrawler, Phoenix, Meggan, and Captain Britain resulted in their escape and the defeat of the Technet and the Warwolveswho were sent from Mojo to bring back Rachel.

At the urging of Rachel to continue Professor Xavier's dream, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler became founding members of the British-based team Excalibur. After rescuing hostages in a nightclub, Kitty created a Doppelganger Module to draw-out the remaining Warwolves, by impersonating Rachel.

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Kitty's plan worked better than she thought and she was captured by the Warwolves. After Kitty was skinned by a Warwolf, Phoenix felt her pain and held her consciousness together, while tracking her to the Warwolves' hide-out. Excalibur rescued Shadowcat, whose intangibility saved her life, and placed the Warwolves on display at the zoo.

After battling the Juggernaut and a group of escaped prisoners, the team addressed Captain Britain's drinking problems, while moving into their new headquarters, Captain Britain's Braddock Lighthouse.

While battling the Crazy Gang, Excalibur's bodies were switched with members of the Crazy Gang except Kitty who stayed hidden. After Kitty entered the virus that she and Doug created into the Murderworld computers and sent Arcade into Murderworld, Courtney restored everyone to their respective bodies, except Rachel, who was possessed.

Kitty had to phase in order for Rachel's telepathy to reassert her control. Following Rachel, who sensed her infant brother's telepathic distress, Excalibur traveled to the Empire State Building and battled demons. While there Meggan was brought under the demonic influence of the demon, N'Astirhand became the Goblin Princess.

Illyana's eldritch armor and Soulsword covered Kitty and she successfully brought Cap and Meggan out of their enchantments. Kitty uses the Soulsword to free Captain Britain. After the demonic invasion, Kitty returned to the School for Gifted Youngsters to get her old things and was shocked to see it had been destroyed. The New Mutants were also at the site and Kitty began to argue with them, until a newly returned to childhood Illyana yelled at her and Mirage used her power to manifest Doug and the teenage Illyana.

Kitty realized her immaturity and apologized to the New Mutants and asked Mirage to "let them go". Through their actions battling the Lightning Force, Excalibur was able to return Dr. Password: password is required. Minimum 8 characters8. Exceeded 32 characters. Org is not in any way associated with or related to - Net Adult-- Password Reset. ate Account. Arcade, deadly foe of the X-Men, decides it's time to make a new name for himself.

Namely, raping, torturing and humiliating heroines! The New Mutants learn a lesson. You and Victor Creed are thrown together under unlikely circumstances and find yourselves attracted to each other.

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What kind of mess are you getting yourself into? The mission goes horribly awry, but along the way, she crosses paths with a certain God of Thunder. After a glorious battle, complete with cosmic flame and godly lightening, they seek to celebrate in their own divine way. Kurt has given up the way of the X-Men for the way of the Catholic church.

He has spent the last nearly three years training and devoting himself and is nearly finished. He is happy with the way life is, until a woman who isn't a member of the church comes to sing with them for Christmas.

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