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More at Flickr. There are passionate voices on both sides of the argument and underlying questions of just how women are treated by or seen as by the gaming community. You run the Larp Girl blog and vlog. Can you tell Geek Native a little bit about yourself and this project? I started out reviewing my favorite weapons, answering fan questions, showing the inside of my trunk and expressing what interested me in the hobby. As I went on, I began to learn a few helpful tricks and showed them to my following. I try to show people that LARP can be more than a game we play, but a style of art we can learn from and I always invite my subscribers to join me on the battlefield.

Of course some people will have those intentions in mind. If a player wants to use sex appeal at a LARP event, that players has my respect. It is alluring to play a charismatic character, because the nature is often the opposite of ourselves.

It is a fantasy setting after all. In the recent movie Justice League: War, Wonder Woman is startled when a group of protesters call her a whore. Using her Lasso of Truth, she finds out that the leader of the mob cross dresses in a wonder woman outfit at night because it makes him feel powerful. She wears very little protection but she can rival Superman. As for hook ups at LARP events. It happens.

It is the same as any other place.

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Like minded individuals getting together for a weekend of fun. Sometimes people make connections. I have found some of my best friends through LARP, and seen many find their life partners.

Players will find that emotional connections in play can be just as meaningful as out of play. The internet is full sexy cosplay pictures. Do you think similar designs would ever be suitable for a LARP? Sloshspot used this picture but so did Geek Native here. Different LARP will offer players with different challenges. For example, most full-contact LARPs only allow armor to protect you in the places it covers.

Cosplay Girls Pictures

This would mean a breast plate made to show off cleavage would not work as well on the battlefield. One quick stab to the heart and that player would be sitting at the respawn pool. Though some LARPs will allow armor as long as it covers most of that body part. That is typically seen at light combats.

Female Fantasy Armor is not practical for fighting in.

Watch Larp porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Larp scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in . Cosplay Girls Pictures. , All Rights Reserved. Mar 10, I try to show people that LARP can be more than a game we play, but a style of art we can learn from and I always invite my subscribers to join me on the battlefield. In your disclaimer video, sensibly titled "Larp Girl: The First Video You Should Ever .

It leaves places of weakness just for the sake of sex appeal. I prefer to be fully covered in armor, it leaves more to the imagination. As for general revealing costumes, such as belly-dancers, wenches and the forest nymphs, do what the setting allows. In the fantasy setting we can have a bit more leeway in costume design. It is fun to be the object of desire, but be more then that.

I encourage women to dress the way they want, that makes them feel as powerful as their character. I think that all of the costumes are acceptable. Men and Women should never feel ashamed of their sexuality. Embrace it!

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A sexy costume might get a player killed on the battlefield but I think the worth comes from the fun in wearing it. Sexy costumes at LARP are enjoyed by everyone, some a little more then others and having photographs only makes the memory last longer. Though for some players, LARPing is a private hobby. Curtsey and communication goes a long way.

A LARP-centric blog covering costuming, weaponry, and geek culture

So photographers or players taking pictures should always remember to ask the owners of the LARP for permission as well as the players themselves. Is it wrong to want LARPs to be completely asexual? I think that there should always be the option for both. Nero offers a family safe involvement for children to play in. Though some of the other games have mature content in their plot lines or character backgrounds. Just like movies and video games, there are age requirements to protect the players from offensive content.

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In Denmark young adults host small LARP events for children to teach them how to make camp, how to fight and how to make their character. It gives the children a place to learn how to play and prepare them for the big fights. In that setting, they do not have to worry about any mature content and the children get to learn how to LARP.

join told all

I would never want to expose a child to something they are not ready for, but would not want to restrict an adult from the freedom of choice. Offering both types of LARP is a good way to make sure everyone enjoys themselves.

What tips do you have to ensure that people have fun at a LARP, are able to engage in compelling costumed storytelling and without feeling uncomfortable. My biggest tip is to play a character similar to yourself or at least a version of yourself that fits into the setting and is fun. It is impossible to play something that outrageous and make it believable.

Read over the setting of the LARP event, and see what kind of person would come from that world. Take things from your past, change up the words and make that a part of the character. For example, I went to horseback riding school as a child. I am very good at riding a horse. Though I am not a horse expert, I can muster up enough knowledge to put into a character history that I was road for tournaments. LARP can also be used as an outlet to learn new things.

An alchemist or wanderer would know a few things about the local animals and plants. Read up on the wildlife and forest and bring that to the character.

The local herbalist or cook could offer that advice to other players on how to deter mosquitoes with garlic. Learning new things and sharing them are great conversation pieces. I always strive to become the person I am playing. So I encourage players who are creating their costumes and characters to not pretend to be the warrior, become the warrior.

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Earn badges by leaving thoughtful and appreciated comments on Geek Native articles. I think it depends on the situation and the LARP. You never stoop to a low level and you carry yourself almost like royalty. You never ever become the bitch though. Keep the guys interested and yet become best friends with all of the girls. It really comes down to an almost animalistic behavior.

You are new so you are a new threat to the current hierarchy. But now that you have an inside look that will help in making you more comfortable.

apologise, but, opinion

And you can decide to completely ignore the game and look at all the crazy people trying to be big and tough. So what the heck have I tried to get across with this? Be comfortable with yourself and get ready to laugh at yourself often.

You can be a bad ass vampire hunter or the ever curious priest that refuses to harm a single thing. You can really get into the character and not be looked at funny. Actually the more you get into your character the more people look at you with respect. No, she really gets into her roles and everyone loves it!

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They respect her and want to be just like her. You can do it! We know how much fun our hobby is and we want to share with everyone that will listen. If you have another other questions, please feel free to e-mail me again. Thank you SO much for all of the advice!

It was a whirlwind of packing today socks, boots, garb, food, blow up mattress, you get the idea. Yes, pillows.

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By worth it I mean air mattress, tons of blankets and extra pillows. Spoil yourself and thank your body for putting up with being hit with a boffer sword multiple times. I usually aim my blogs toward girl gamers but boys this is just as much for you as all my girls out there. Finding a significant other during LARPing is not as hard as you think.

I bet you really never thought about it like that, did you? The major set back is hygiene. Would you go to the club smelling of body oder, greasy hair and muddy pants? You would take hours to look your absolute best. Make sure to take a shower right before you head to the LARP and dress your best for sign up and anything else going on before lay on. Baby wipes help along with a wash cloth and bar of soap. This past weekend I had a few of my girlfriends dress up in my corsets I have around I really do have a thing for them.

recommend you visit

And not just any corset, NICE corsets. I wrote down websites, explained how nice the people were that made them, and really just enjoyed them for the great quality that they are. In one of my past blogs I went on to explain how to really purchase a nice corset it really pays off in the long run.

SO I decided to visit my two favorite shops. I LOVE these places!

agree, excellent

And those corsets have stood the hardest test of them all LARPing! Just looking through them is a whole new world waiting to be explored. Can you tell I love these corsets? Fair prices for amazing products! The government is always telling you to help the economy, put your money back in to American businesses well here are two of my favorites! MY favorite are the corsets with the hoods or ruffles.

Should I just get to the point and stop repeating it like some Twilight Zone rerun? Tell us Tina, what IS this interactive game environment? It sounds pretty cool! The only thing stopping you is your imagination and the rules of the game. What game am I talking about? That would be the interactive game environment that staff would provide for you. To a certain and small point, yes. Let me explain to you why I say this.

Larp naked girl

When you show up to a murder mystery dinner and find out your husband is the murderer, is that not LARPing? LARPing these days also seems to have a negative conentation to it.

Tell me

Who the heck decided that? If someone one day decided that football was dorky and the world agreed, would you follow? Why, because they said so? Actors on the screen and stage are they dorky?

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