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Charmed - The Death of Leo Wyatt Part 1

Leonardo Wyatt, simply known has Leo , is the son of Christopher Wyatt and a woman whose name is unknown. He was assigned as Whitelighter to the Charmed Ones and fell in love with the middle sister, Piper Halliwell , later in her life. Together, they have three children, Wyatt , Chris , and Melinda Halliwell. After being a Whitelighter, an Elder , and an Avatar , in , Leo fell from grace and became mortal to live out a full life with his wife and children. Over the years of being a Whitelighter , Leo has helped the sisters out with demonic problems often. After becoming mortal, Leo became the headmaster of Magic School and still helps out the sisters with their supernatural burdens.

Leo's first instinct is to go help the injured man, which is a memory from his early life of being in the medical field during the war. He patches up the victim's leg and takes him to a nearby hospital.

Leonardo "Leo" Wyatt

Piper with Cole in the cosmic void. Leo is then taken to their local police station in order to find out he really is. Suddenly, someone walks in the door behind him, and he gets a quick flash of himself killing Gideon.

Back at the manor, Phoebe attempts to scry for him, however, it fails. However, Piper has slipped into a coma and is greeted by Cole TurnerPhoebe's ex-husband, who is there with her to help Leo come back to her. Meanwhile, Leo is at a diner talking to the waitress who tries to help him jog some memories, maybe that of a loved one, and he suddenly gets a flash of him proposing to Piper.

Leo wyatt naked

Still confused about what happened, he hitches a ride from a stranger, who unknown to him is actually the Elder, Odinmanipulating him in order to coerce him to choose The Elders.

Odin tells Leo that he and a group of like-minded others plan to help save the world, and taps into Leo's nature to convince him to join him. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Paige track Leo down and find a truck stopped in front of them. They approach it to find both Leo and Odin and attempt to convince Leo to come home, however, Odin quickly orbs him out, telling Leo it's his destiny to join him.

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Paige and Phoebe orb back home to find Piper has fallen even deeper into her coma. Meanwhile, in the Cosmic VoidCole is able to convince Piper to give into death in order to call out to Leo's connection to her. Upon doing so, her spirit returns to her body, she temporarily awakens and calls out Leo's name, which he hears from Golden Gate Bridge, causing Leo to get his memories back. He then decides to fall from grace and gives up all of his magical powers.

He jumps off the top of the bridge and lands on the landing below, turning himself back into a mortal. Paige and Phoebe then orb him home where they find Wyatt healing Piper. Though initially, it was strange for Leo to not have powers anymore, he gladly embraced living his life with his wife and children. However, Leo begins to feel useless now that he is mortal, and starts annoying Piper by fixing and rearranging everything around the house. More serious trouble comes when Leo is injured, and with no way to heal himself anymore, Wyatt panics and puts his parents into the miniature dollhouse replica of the Manor for protection.

After his magic is reversed, Leo's feelings of uselessness end when the sisters offer him the chance to take over the post of Headmaster of Magic School from Paige, a role that suits him perfectly. Leo, along with the sisters, takes on new identities after the battle with Zankou leads the world and Underworld to believe that they were dead.

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Shortly after, however, they return to their true identities after discovering that they were not better off. Unfortunately, Magic School had been overrun by demons during their absence, leaving Leo jobless.

In latethe Angel of Death came to Piper to warn her that it's time for Leo to die. Piper decided not to tell Leo about Death and casts a spell that hexes every male in San Francisco to look exactly like Leo, causing the Angel of Death to put off taking him.

The sisters try to devise a plan to save him but it was too late, Death found Leo waiting in a taxi and a truck slammed into the passenger door when Leo was getting out, severely wounding him to the point that he urgently needed surgery. Piper says goodbye to her husband. Almost six months laterthe sisters go up against Billie and Christy Jenkins in the ultimate battle, however, it doesn't go as planned and ends up killing Christy, Phoebe, and Paige.

Leo is returned by the Angel and he and Piper enlist the help of Coop and they go back in time to save Phoebe and Paige. After meeting their future selves nearly 50 years into the future, and enlisting the help of the sisters' mom and grams from the past to save everyone, the Angel takes Leo back as the battle had not been completed.

In the end, Leo is returned after the sisters vanquish the Triad and Billie and Christy are defeated.

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Following the battle, the sisters reclaim Magic School from the demons and Leo returns to his post as Headmaster. He and Piper then have their third and final child, Melinda Halliwell. Kyle tells Leo that, because he was a Whitelighter for so long, Whitelighter magic was ingrained into his DNA, passing it onto Melinda, making Leo angry as he knows that there has to be a greater reason for Melinda having these powers.

Kyle goes on to say that The Elders brought the Whitelighter powers out of Melinda so that she would become twice-blessed like Wyatt. The Elders altered the prophecy of the Twice-Blessed Child so that Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda would inherit the Power of Three and the three oldest Halliwell children would be a greater force of good than the Charmed Ones, in the future. Kyle then reveals that he has been granted permission to restore Leo's wings as the Charmed Ones will need their Whitelighter for the coming storm.

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Leo refuses the offer once again, desiring to grow old with his wife and die before his children do. Kyle tells him that the offer would not be made again and that he can never tap into his Whitelighter power again without the full package, including immortality. Leo soon came face to face with Rennek once again, when Neena sent Piper into an alternate dimension. Paige - roffandco.comed herself and Leo into demons to infiltrate Neena's army after she overtook the Heavens.

However, Neena being the first witch, saw through the disguise and got Rennek to hold Leo up until she finished what she started.

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Leo got the upper hand on Rennek, stole his crossbow and took out several demons. Neena returned and chained Leo up with chains forged in the Heavens. Leo attempts to reason with Neena, knowing that she's not truly evil, though Neena rebuffs him, trying to justify her actions to him and make him understand that what she was doing is for the greater good. Leo was then backed into the gates of the Vault and his dormant Whitelighter DNA allowed him to open the doors to hide.

While in there, Leo desired to help out in the battle and grabbed hold of an ancient sword which granted him angelic wings. After the demons were cast away, with the combined power of the Elders and the Warren Witches, Leo used the sword to break the Sphaera of Light and Darkpreventing the apocalypse. The Elders informed Leo that his new abilities cannot be easily tossed away, though he is able to suppress the wings.

A few months later, Leo discovered that the sword is called the Empyreal Sworda weapon forged by a man known as the Bladesmith for the Whitelighters to use in ancient times before it was decided that they would be guides and not warriors.

However, because Leo is mortal, every time he uses the sword and the wings, it drains more of his life force. The Bladesmith's descendant, Glynnispromises Leo and the sisters that she will do everything in her power to find a way to separate Leo from the sword. Later, Leo is kidnapped by Rennek who reveals that what he wants from Leo is information; due to being a Whitelighter, an Elder, and an Avatar, Leo has integral information on the magical community hidden deep within his subconscious.

Rennek then uses a Dark Priest to pull the information out of Leo's mind. Six months later, magic has switched sides causing all magical beings to lose their powers and mortals to gain the ability to use magic. As a result of this, Leo's wings become permanently emerged, gradually draining all of his energy, making him very fatigued.

He later finds out that the sword in his hand is not actually the Empyreal Sword and that it is actually in Rennek's possession, along with the Grimoire, and all hidden inside the Nexus of the All. By uniting her body with the book and the sword, Prue gains their powers and uses them to vanquish Rennek. With the sword in her possession, Leo is mortal once again.

Leo and the rest of his family remain in touch with Prue throughout the next year. However, they soon distance themselves due to experiencing visions and pain in her presence.

As the situation continues, the Halliwells find themselves threatened by a group of ancient demons called " the Old Ones "; powerful enough to make demons shudder at the mention of their names. As Piper, Phoebe, and Paige try to find out what is causing Prue's presence to hurt them, Leo remains the supportive man around his wife, taking care of their family whenever needed while also occasionally contacting the Elders to find answers. After the All is released from Prue's body, the demon Heremus destroyed, and Prue dead once again, Leo, Coop, and Piper decide to start organizing a council of witches in hopes of uniting with the superior beings such as the Elders, Avatars, Angels of Destiny, etc.

InLeo and Piper were visited by their past selves and a past self of Piper's mother, Pattywhile the elderly couple was playing scrabble.

Old Leo and Piper inform their past selves on what to do to win the Ultimate Battle, letting them know that the future is one worth saving. Leo is known as a kind man, completely in love with his wife and sees the best in people. He has a clear sense of right and wrong, a drive to do what is right even if it means putting himself at risk, and well-maintained temper.

However, he is not afraid to fight someone he deems as a threat to his family. This was fairly highlighted when Gideon killed Chris and tried to kill Wyatt. Like his wifeLeo became more aggressive more prominently in Season 6 due to being separated from his family, which caused severe tension between him and Piper along with a not-so-subtle hatred toward Chris before learning his true identity.

He has shown extensive understanding of magic, most likely due to his years of being a Whitelighter. Unlike almost any other 'Higher Power', Leo has had as much of a search for identity as any of the Halliwell sisters, having been a Whitelighter, an Elderan Avatar and a mortal, as well as temporary host for "the Shadow" and several demonic powers. Brian Krause and the cast and crew of Charmed.

David Boreanaz as Angel. Leo writing in the book. Leo and the demonic seerKyra. Leo Wyatt appeared in a total of episodes and 37 issues throughout the series. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? And they offered me immortality and a chance to help special people like you.

And I never once ever doubted that I didn't make the right choice till I met you. Ever since, all I can think is how I'd give it up to have a mortal life again, to have a family and grow old with you. Contents [ show ]. Piper : " So, um, what do they think you did? We got ambushed outside the airfield.

Heavy artillery, order fire. They couldn't keep up with the injuries, the bodies. And I heard Rick's voice. Piper : " Wait, you knew Grams when she was young? Phoebe : " So, all this time, you knew who we really were? I was sent to watch over you and your sisters when you first got your powers. You know, help out wherever I could.

Piper : " But we can't keep doing this. I can't keep doing this. I feel like all I do is wait around for you to show up and then when you do, it's just not I'm doing what I thought you wanted me to do, Piper. You're the one who didn't want me to clip my wings. Piper : " Oh, what, so now you have a problem with them too? Leo : " The Elders were wrong about us.

They didn't think our love could survive but it did. Our love blessed us in ways they couldn't even imagine. It gave you the strength that you needed to take over from Prue, it produced a baby with a greater future than any of us, and it made me Piper : " Yeah, just one ordeal after another, right?

Gideon : " Leo, listen to me. You know what happens. You know what Chris came here to stop. Let me finish what I started.

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Let me save the future, the only way it can be saved. Oh, my god. Piper : " Look, it's great that you gave up your powers to be with us and everything, but things are gonna have to change.

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You've only got one life to live and I'd like you to start taking care of it. Well, I didn't become a mortal to go run and hide. I'm staying put.

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Leo : " We're gonna get through this. Rennek : " Remember back in the eighties when I got those zombies to remake the "Thriller" video?

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That kind of thing would go viral today. The video and the zombies! The universe is coming apart at the seams! Leo : " You remember when we were them? Oh, kicking butt, fighting demons. Add an image. Categories :. Stream the best stories. Start Your Free Trial.

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Try Now. This article discusses the most significant events in the life of Leo Wyatt. For a complete version go here. Paige Matthews Max Franklin.

Charmed Leo and Wyatt - You raise me up

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