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Antoine & Lili: Pink Monday Event

  • Date

    November 12, 2018

  • Client

    Antoine & Lili



Antoine et Lili are a French fashion boutique. They held a ‘Black Friday’-style shopping event in their Canterbury store. We provided copy for the monthly newsletter teasing the event, and created a photobank of content to be used for social media promotion purposes.


Promote a ‘Black Friday’ style sale event for Antoine et Lili, whilst not explicitly stating that there was a sale, in order to maintain a ‘premium’ feel to the brand. Encourage walk-in customers as opposed to online sales.


The event was promoted to regular customers via monthly email newsletters hinting at an event which would have to be attended in-store. Online marketing using images from a photo bank we created promoted the event on social media, targeting advertisements at a local audience to encourage in-store visits on the event day.


A photoshoot was held in store to create a bank of photos to use for all social media promotion.  Copy was created to hint at the event without explicitly stating that it was a ‘sale’. Instead, posts were made showing models wearing items that were ‘featured’ in the event.


Antoine et Lili had their second-best trading day since opening, with both new and loyal customers coming in-store to see the event and buy items in the sale.

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