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Apex Predators Roller Derby Video

  • Date

    May 7, 2019

  • Client

    Apex Predators



Apex Predators are an amateur roller derby team based in Chatham, Medway. Every year they run introductory courses into skating and roller derby in order to encourage new skaters to join the team. We were enlisted to create a video for social media marketing in order to promote the latest course.


To create a video which encourages new skaters of all ages, abilities and genders to attend the Apex Predators Roller Derby Open Day and ultimately the introductory skating course in order to boost membership of the team.


The video was cut to sixty seconds for ease of use on both Instagram and Facebook. It included footage of all level of skaters in order to appeal to the most people and the Apex Predators Board of Directors provided great feedback in order to maintain the branding of the team. The video is reusable as a general promotion for the team and for future introductory courses.


We attended both a main training with experienced skaters and an introductory training session with the current introductory skaters in order to get a variety of footage for the video. We also took the opportunity to take some photos of the training sessions for further promotion. The music featured in the video was chosen to make the sport feel fun and welcoming, but also impactful.


The video received good engagement on social media and helped boost attendance for the Apex Predators Roller Derby introductory course open day.

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