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Belmont House & Gardens: Website Design & Build

  • Date

    January 4, 2019

  • Client

    Belmont House and Gardens



Belmont House, an historic manor house in Faversham, wanted to update their website in order to encourage more visitors to the house. We designed and created a new website for Belmont, as well as both copy and photographic content.


To modernise the website and appeal to slightly younger audience. To make the website easier to navigate, more engaging, and easier to find information - especially about visiting the House. Ultimately, to encourage more visitors to Belmont House and Gardens.


User tests were conducted for navigation around the website in order to inform the new website design. The website was created to be adaptable by Belmont House in order to allow them to change images when necessary.


Images were taken inside and outside the House to promote the various tours and specific attractions of the House. The images were used in combination with copy as a carousel website banner to provide brief impressions of various aspects of the House and its attractions. Graphic elements were created for the website as well.


An attractive, modern website which will encourage more visitors to Belmont House and Gardens.

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