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Blackthorn Trust: DWELL Program Campaign

  • Date

    October 25, 2018

  • Client

    Blackthorn Trust



The Blackthorn Trust DWELL programme is a holistic and educational wellness programme for people with diabetes. We provided social media marketing and video production in order to depict the programme as beneficial, wholesome, and non-clinical.


To promote the ‘DWELL’ diabetes treatment programme at the Blackthorn Trust; to humanise the program and show it as non-clinical and holistically supportive as opposed to purely medical.


Finding a way to target the Facebook ads to the correct audience within the limitations of Facebook advertising (i.e. being unable to use the word ‘diabetes’). Ensuring that the ads come across as non-clinical. Training DWELL staff to be able to promote and advertise the program through social media.


A video was created to show the current DWELL program and the benefits it has had for users (e.g. support groups, group activities in a wholesome and beautiful environment, and education) as opposed to medical treatments in a clinical setting.


Increased sign-ups for the DWELL program.

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