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Macknade Fine Foods: Customer Research

  • Date

    July 20, 2018

  • Client

    Macknade Fine Foods



Macknade is a fine food hall and cafe in Faversham. In order to better understand their customers’ needs and improve the store and cafe, we designed and conducted a customer survey. We then analysed and wrote up the results in a report, including tips and suggestions for improvements based on the survey findings.


To better understand Macknade’s customers; where they come from, how often they shop, their favourite products, what they like about the shop and what they want improved etc. To create better social media campaigns and a better in-store experience. To understand why customers may stop shopping at Macknade and how to bring them back.


Two surveys were created; one for current customers and one for lapsed customers. An in-person survey was conducted over both weekdays and weekends in store to get a range of current customer responses. We achieved some new email signups to the Macknade newsletter during the survey in accordance with then-new GDPR rules. Lapsed customers were surveyed via email, also in accordance with GDPR. Both sets of customers were encouraged to participate in the survey with Macknade vouchers.


The survey was created based on a previous survey Macknade had conducted, with new questions in order to more efficiently learn about customer wants and needs without wasting their time or collecting unnecessary information. Based on the report written with the results of the survey, a series of online advertisements were created and tested to see which ones had the better customer response.


Created the online voucher campaign for new customers who had engaged with the created ads. The redeemed vouchers outperformed recent print magazine vouchers many times over. There are plans to improve customers’ in-store experience.

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