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Macknade Fine Foods: Homepage Video

  • Date

    November 8, 2018

  • Client

    Macknade Fine Foods



Macknade is a fine food hall and cafe in Faversham. Based on the customer survey we had already conducted for Macknade, we created a homepage video to autoplay on the landing page of their website.


To create a landing page video which would would feature with Macknade’s current website homepage, promote their various departments, and fit in with their branding, without being distracting.


The video was about two minutes long so as not to be too repetitive for anyone browsing the homepage of Macknade’s website. It contained imagery which we knew would appeal to clients based on the research we’d previously done. We ensured every department was adequately featured in the video without overburdening it or involving too many filming days. The video upheld Macknade’s branding so it didn’t feel ‘tacked-on’ to the website.


The shots were aesthetically pleasing but also featured aspects which we knew were particularly appealing to customers, such as the cheeses in the deli department. The shots were thematically grouped generally in departments but some shots were also mixed in throughout the video for variety.


The main video has been added to Macknade’s homepage, and the smaller videos have been used in their social media when seasonally appropriate (for example, the Deck video was used in the summer to promote outside dining).

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