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Macknade Fine Foods: Promotional Videos

  • Date

    February 4, 2019

  • Client

    Macknade Fine Foods



Macknade is a fine food hall and cafe in Faversham. Based on the customer survey we had already conducted for Macknade, we created a series of promotional videos for each of Macknade’s departments for use of social media and their website.


To create a series of promotional videos which will showcase all of the separate departments in Macknade and post them to social media.


Each video was no more than a minute long so they could be used on Instagram. They contained imagery which we knew would appeal to clients based on the research we’d already done in the Customer Research project. We used our filming time efficiently to get enough footage to create small, engaging videos for each department. These videos were designed to fit into any future campaigns Macknade might run; for example, the “Healthy Eating in January”.


Each video was based on a single department. The shots were aesthetically pleasing but also featured aspects which we knew were particularly appealing to customers, such as the cheeses in the deli department. Each video featured different music to match the feel of each department.


Each of the small videos has been used in Macknade’s social media feeds when seasonally appropriate (for example, the Deck video was used in the summer to promote outside dining and events held on the deck area).

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