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The Joy of Giving: The Benefits of Special Offers

admin - February 4, 2019 - 0 comments

Is it better to give than to receive?

It may be surprising, but for brands, it certainly can be. Giving vouchers to your customers can be an incredible incentive to increase both their spend and their brand loyalty. Also, vouchers help to get customers in-store rather than shopping online – which means they’re more likely to take a risk on a new product. Here’s how we helped one of our clients with the joy of giving.

Macknade Fine Foods approached us to help increase their customer spend and attract new customers to their store. First things first: we did our research – a vital step in understanding their customers and therefore what they wanted. We conducted several customer surveys, both in person and online, and wrote up a report. With these results in hand, it was time to get marketing.

Based on our audience research we designed a targeted Facebook advertising campaign offering £5 off for every £25 spent in-store. Internally, our goal was to reach 100 vouchers, but within 48 hours, 104 had been issued (for an advertising cost of £3.17!). So we kept the campaign going, and a total of 280 vouchers were issued. In total, 42 vouchers have been redeemed with a minimum basket spend of £25 – so customer spend has been at least £1050 with a discount cost of £210 and an advertising campaign which cost a total of £15.26.

The benefits of this campaign were twofold. Firstly, running the campaign online means that the vouchers were available to new customers – anyone who saw the ad could click it and claim the discount, and the ad would be displayed to those most likely to be interested in Macknade’s products. The discount incentivises potential customers who might otherwise have never chosen to shop there. Secondly, the minimum spend means that those wishing to make a saving will need to spend at least £25 – but are likely to spend more.

Everyone loves a bargain. Vouchers – particularly online ones – are highly shareable, very popular, and easily trackable, meaning you can quickly see if a campaign is working for you. As a brand, you can certainly experience the joy of giving.


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